Why it’s Important to Attend Grief Recovery Support

When we lose a loved one sometimes the grief can be overwhelming. There is not just one definition of grief as it is such a wide topic that encompasses many different kinds of loss and an unlimited range of emotion. Attending Arizona grief recovery support can be very beneficial when attempting to move forward with your life. It’s comforting to know that there are many others that are going through the same thing you are going through. It’s through this support and education that we better understand our grief. One of the things you learn is that there are multiple definitions for grief, and the more we understand what it is we are going through the better equipped we are to handle it.

important attend grief recovery support

The simplest definition of grief is the natural and normal reaction emotionally to change or loss of any kind. By itself, grief is not a personality disorder or a pathological condition. While technically correct, this definition does not do a good job of explaining what exactly grief is. So to get a better idea, here is another definition, aside from it being normal, of what grief is: it is the conflicted feelings brought on by the demise of or change in a familiar mode of behavior. When a loved one passes away it means that it is the end of something that was known to us, or familiar to us. As a result we have to change and adjust to a new, mostly unwelcome, reality. It’s painful to lose a loved one, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Even if you don’t have close friends or family that can understand what you’re going through, there are countless Arizona support groups all over Arizona that want to help, and need to be helped. Life is profoundly different after someone we know and love passes away and we may need grief recovery support. That alone is easy to understand.

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It may not be so obvious when we talk about our emotions being conflicted after the death of a loved one. So let us explain, in terms that you will likely understand if you’ve ever been somebody who was diagnosed with a terminal disease or a primary caretaker to someone who is terminally ill. Even if you don’t fall into one of those categories you’ll still be most likely able to relate. For many patients and family members who have found themselves in that situation the main emotion they may experience when a loved one dies in Queen Creek hospice care is deep sadness. A portion of this sadness is an unavoidable aspect of death and loss and another portion is that there wasn’t more that could be done, or there wasn’t more time to help heal the sick. But there is another side to this sadness and all of the pain experienced during this time, and a good majority of people who’ve witnessed a spouse, relative or friend fade away will say they felt a sense of relief upon their loved one’s passing. The relief, they say, stems from them knowing that the person they care about will no longer be in pain and that the difficult time spent watching them slowly pass is finally over. Relief from the frustration of not being able to help cure them or ease their pain while they were alive. This feeling of relief is often looked upon as a positive experience in the long run. Even more so when the relief comes at the end of a long period of sadness. These are conflicting emotions, with pain and sorrow on one hand, and relief on the other hand. It’s important to keep in mind that these two spectrums of emotion are just two examples of the wide array of emotions we feel when going through these trying times.

grief recovery suppoertNo matter if it’s a loss experienced through death, unemployment or divorce, nobody should have to go through it alone. Grief recovery support is available. At Americare we do our best to help patients and their families work through their grief and try to make sense of the emotions that go hand in hand with loss. At Arizona grief recovery support meetings, attendees are given the opportunity to work through the sadness while establishing crucial connections with people who are experiencing the same loss. At Americare Hospice and Palliative Care we understand the needs of our families, and it has been our experience that after a loss there is no substitute for quality grief recovery support. Contact us today.

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