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Queen Creek is know for its unique charm, country style living and family friendly atmosphere. Neighbors are friends and family ties are strong. The town of Queen Creek continues to grow year after year and is always a very popular destinations for visitors and tourists alike who are drawn to the area by the many fun and family friendly festivals and year-round events. But if you or a loved one are dealing with a terminal disease or life limiting illness, getting help beyond what family and friends may be able to offer, can be tremendously relieving.

Compassionate and Skilled Hospice Care Nurses Servicing Queen Creek Arizona

Americare Hospice and Palliative Care has been providing professional medical and emotional support to families in need of hospice care. We focus on alleviating physical pain, but also always address the spiritual and emotional health of our patients and their families as well. Many of our patients choose us, because of our holistic approach to hospice care.



Americare has Outstanding Care

A Patient’s DaughterQueen Creek
“All the nurses were highly educated and very comforting as they went through each step with us. If you have to make a quick decision like I did to locate and implement hospice care please consider Americare.”

5 Star Reviews of Americare Hospice And Palliative

Americare has an Amazing Staff

Janis K. FamilyMesa
“Most impressed by how professional and intentional everything was and the interior spaces felt warm and inviting. Adrianne Missy and Michelle, and Kelli were amazing.”

5 Star Reviews of Americare Hospice And Palliative

Meet Our Nurses

The care of Americare’s patients and families lies in the hands of our experienced and compassionate nursing team. The team consists of the hospice physician who supervises the nursing team, but also does home care visits to our patients in the palliative care program. The nurses at Americare are schooled in to provide medical care to our patients who are dealing with pain or other medical symptoms. They are also able to assess our patients’ care and medical needs. The hospice aides are responsible for making our patients feel well cared for. They assist in cleaning and grooming tasks and ensure that every patient is as comfortable as possible. Americare is proud of its wonderful team of social workers who are here to help patients and their families deal with end of life care, as well as the financial and legal aspects connected to it. Our Queen Creek hospice care services would not be what they are without the help of our many volunteers who spend hours keeping our patients company, reading to them or just spend time with them. Of course, we also offer spiritual guidance for our Queen Creek hospice patients via Spiritual Counselor Ministers. And because saying goodbye is never easy, you can always count on the empathy, compassion, and experience of our bereavement team.

Americare Hospice & Palliative Care

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In-Home Hospice Care

Our Queen Creek hospice care services are focused on in-home care. In fact, over 90% of hospice care takes place in a residential setting such as the patient’s home, a nursing home or similar facility. While many wrongly believe that hospice is a place, it is indeed a care service provided to those patients that are nearing the end of their lives or are dealing with life limiting illnesses. It is also important to realize that saying yes to hospice care does not mean you have given up, rather it is an affirmation to live every day to the fullest. Studies have shown that hospice care can make a tremendous impact on the quality of life and life expectancy for its patients. And while our primary focus is patient care, we do essentially provide care for the entire family and support team of our patients.

Our Philosophy of Care

Here at Americare Hospice and Palliative Care we believe in caring for our patients and their families by combining medical care with spiritual guidance. Our holistic approach to end of life care improves both bodily ailments and emotional distress. Only if mind and body work in harmony, will our patients be able to live each day to its full potential. Americare wants to assist patients in the natural process of passing on and relies on the ethical and moral guidelines as provided by Catholic Health Care Services.

If you are looking for someone to provide hospice or palliative care services in the Queen Creek area, we invite you to contact Americare today. We will gladly answer all of your questions, schedule a tour of our facilities and help wherever we can. Let us help you and your loved ones to live each day in joy. Our mission is to ensure that our patients spend the time they have left in joy and peace and to medically assist them and spiritually lift them up, whenever we can.


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