How To Manage Your Loved One’s Affairs After They Die

What To Do After Losing a Loved One

Managing your loved one’s affairs after they die is important, but it can be a time-consuming job too. Catching so many personal, financial, and legal issues can be very stressful because you are also grieving the loss.

It’s not something you should handle alone, and it’s better to take enough time for each issue, instead of doing it all at once. A Mesa hospice care center shares some recommendations about managing your loved one’s affairs after their death.

What To Do After Losing a Loved One In Arizona

What To Do On The First Few Days

Thinking about your loved one’s affairs after they pass away can be overwhelming, especially in the first days. Practical decisions are necessary at this point, so be sure to focus only on what is truly important. 

Notify Friends & Family

This is the first thing you should do once your loved one has passed away. Let them know in the kindest way possible. You can delegate this task to others who are close to your loved one.

If the person was an employer, ask the company they worked for about benefits, final paycheck, etc. If they were a member of a religious group or a Veteran, you should also contact the organization to notify them. 

Take Care Of Your Loved One’s Pets

If the person who passed away had pets, take care of them until you can make a permanent plan for their care. If you cannot take care of them, ask a friend or relative. Remember to ask them if they have the time and availability.

If your loved one was staying in a Queen Creek hospice and palliative care center, contact the center to know if your loved one left a pet in the care of a trusted person. 

Looking into boarding the pets at a kennel or local vet office is another option if you don’t know anyone who can take care of them. 

Prepare Service Arrangements

Check the home carefully to know what your loved one wanted for the funeral. If your loved one notified you before their death, you have one part of the process done.

Your loved one may have left a letter or a card with the information. However, if you cannot find this information, you will have to decide whether you prefer a burial, cremation, or funeral service. 

You can delegate part of this process to friends and family. This way, they can also help you with the obituary.

Close Your Loved One’s Property

If they were living alone, make an efficient plan to get rid of perishable food items. Also, check if there are plants that require care.  

Valuable items should be locked and well-saved, including vehicles. Make sure that the mail is forwarded to your home too.

If your loved one’s last days were in a Tempe hospice and palliative care center, make sure to contact this place to know more about your loved one’s properties (only if necessary).

What To Do The Weeks After a Loved One Passes Away

Once the practical decisions are ready, you will have to plan for the financial, legal, and bureaucratic details. 

Get Copies Of Your Loved One’s Death Certificate

Get at least ten certified copies of your loved one’s death certificate to register this death with close bank accounts, the government, and file life insurance. If you are using funeral home services, they can help you get these copies on your behalf. 

Remember To Find Your Loved One’s Will

Search your loved one’s home, desk, and other important places if you don’t know where the will was left. 

If your loved one didn’t have a will, the county or city probate court will decide the inheritance through intestate succession laws

Enlist Your Loved One’s Assets

Make sure to include not only their home but also their car, bank accounts, personal property, etc. Check paperwork as well to be sure all assets are accounted for. 

Enlist Ongoing Expenses

If your loved one had Apache Junction hospice care, check that there are no more things to pay for these services. Services like internet, phone, and television, can be canceled. Credit cards and health insurance policies should also be terminated.

The executor will make sure the utilities, mortgage, and taxes are taken care of until the estate is determined. 

Contact An Accountant

If your loved one used an accountant’s service, then you can contact them, or consider hiring one if you think the financial issues are too difficult for you. 

Make a Plan For Social Media Accounts & Email

Decide the best plan for your loved one’s social accounts. Facebook allows to memorialize accounts to keep the profiles up, so you can consider this option.

Notify Government Offices & Financial Institutions

It’s crucial to notify financial institutions and government offices about your loved one’s death, including the Social Security Administration, the banks, stockbrokers, financial advisers, and credit agencies. 

Remember to do it well in advance to avoid any inconvenience, including identity theft.

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