The Top 5 Benefits of Chandler Hospice Care

Many people resist signing up themselves or a loved one for Chandler hospice care because they don’t want to admit what it means: That the end of life is near. That nothing else can be done to prolong their life and the only option now is to make those final days comfortable.

The Top 5 Benefits of Hospice Care

The Top 5 Benefits of Chandler Hospice Care

Whether you are considering in-home hospice care or inpatient hospice care, there are many options across Arizona. Here are just a few of the benefits of these services!
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It Offers Comfortable, Non-Clinical Surroundings

The last thing that anyone wants is to spend their last days in a hospital or to feel like a patient. In-home hospice care allows patients to feel as comfortable as possible in familiar surroundings. They can spend their final days in their own bed and surrounded by their own belongings, such as pictures of loved ones and other sentimental items.

Inpatient hospice care strives to create a home setting so that patients are just as comfortable. They can bring items from home to make it seem more familiar.

It Provides Comprehensive Care

Hospice care includes much more than a simple home health aide or nurse dispensing medications. A team of medical professionals work together to make decisions in the best interest of the patient, such as changing the type or amount of medication, recommending new therapies that can increase comfort, and providing personal assistance.

The medical team also works together to ease the burden on the family. Nurses and other care givers can help with things like bathing and dressing, and they can provide care while other family members have to be at work or tend to other responsibilities.

It Provides Counseling and Additional Support

Hospice care looks beyond basic medical needs. Health care providers recognize that this is a difficult time not only for the patient but also for the family and other loved ones. The patient is facing his own mortality, and loved ones will grieve the patient’s loss. Providing care for a dying loved one can also cause a lot of stress.

For those reasons and more, hospice care also includes counseling from chaplains and social workers. These counselors can help the patient come to terms with their final days and can help loved ones grieve the loss long after the patient is gone.

It Offers Personalized Care

At a hospital, patients can often feel like just another number — just another piece on the conveyor belt that doctors and nurses have to check off. With hospice care, patients get more personalized care so that they can feel more comfortable and maintain a sense of dignity.

Health care providers will do things like make a patient’s favorite meals or read from a favorite book. They will dispense medication and provide care, but they will also just sit and chat or provide a listening ear when needed. Health care providers will also respect a patient’s wishes. That means that if certain procedures or medications are denied, there will be no pressure to undergo them or take them.

It Reduces Costs

Hospital care can be quite costly. Every day spent in the hospital can add thousands to your total bill.

Even inpatient hospice care costs much less than hospital care. If you choose in-home hospice care, the costs are usually even lower. In addition, most insurance covers hospice care at 100 percent, which significantly relieves the financial burden on the family.

Coming to terms with the death of a loved one is hard enough — you shouldn’t have to add financial worry on top of that.

Americare Hospice and Palliative Care provides both in-home hospice care and inpatient hospice care throughout Arizona. We are a Catholic organization, but we provide care to people of all faiths, and we pay special attention to their spiritual needs during this important time. We believe that every life is sacred and it shows in the type of care we provide. We have a 24-hour triage nurse for round-the-clock needs, and our care team is consistent and reliable. Call us today to learn more about our services or to meet with one of our care providers in Arizona.

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