Inpatient Unit

The Villa is a five bed Hospice Inpatient Unit designed to meet the needs of patients and their families in a deinstitutionalized, home-like environment. Although The Villa is available mainly to patients requiring short-term intensive care for symptoms unmanageable at home, it is also appropriate for patients approaching the end-stage of their illness. Hospice patients can also stay at The Villa for 5 days under Respite Care to provide relief or rest for family and care-givers. Skilled care is provided by a hospice team of dedicated, compassionate professionals.


Medicare and most insurance plans will cover the services provided at the acute and respite levels of care. When care at the facility is no longer medically necessary, the cost of room and board become the responsibility of the patient and family.


• 24 hours/7 days a week of nursing/health care services
• Acute, intensive symptom and pain management until stabilized
• Comprehensive health care team available including physicians, chaplains, social workers, aides, and volunteers
• Respite care
• Complementary alternative therapies such as pet, music, and massage therapy
• 24 hour visitation and overnight stay available
• Special attention to spiritual needs surrounding the dying


Spacious private rooms, lounge areas, visitor overnight stays, commercial kitchen, refreshment station, intimate dining room, peaceful chapel, and an outdoor courtyard


Patients are assessed daily for stabilization and symptom management by the hospice team. Once conditions are met, the hospice team will work with family on transitioning the patient back to his or her place of residence. Our goal is to achieve patient comfort and symptom control so patients can return to their homes.

The Villa Location

We are conveniently located right off the US 60 (Freeway Exit Mesa Drive)
Southeast corner of 11th Ave. and Mesa Dr.
11th Ave is 1 block north of Southern Ave.

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