Thoughtful Hospice Patient Gift Ideas

When someone is in hospice care in Paradise Valley, they are typically at the end of their life. You may not know how much time you have left together, and you may feel helpless. You want to do something, but you know that there is nothing you can do to change the outcome. You want to make the person feel better about what is happening, but you know there is only so much you can say.

Some get a small gift to show their loved ones that they are thinking of them and want to provide some sense of comfort. But normal gifts aren’t really appropriate since the person doesn’t need to accumulate more possessions and since this isn’t a time to celebrate. Hospice gifts require a little more thoughtfulness.

thoughtful hospice patient gift ideas

Here are a few gift ideas that are appropriate and that may bring comfort to the hospice patient:

Digital Photo Frame

Many hospice patients like to think about the good times in their lives and the people they have loved. They tend to spend a lot of time reflecting on their lives and whether they were good ones. You can remind the person about all the good time and good people in their life with a digital photo frame loaded with special photos.

The photo frame will also provide a sense of home for the patient who is staying in a hospice facility in Paradise Valley.

Soothing Candles

Soft candles with soothing scents can also provide some comfort to hospice patients living in a facility. They make the room seem more warm and inviting. If you are shopping for a patient still living at home, some candles can help them feel more relaxed, so they experience some respite from their symptoms or their worrying thoughts.

If you can, find out what scents are most soothing to the person or what scents recall pleasant memories. You can either ask the person or close friends or loved ones for ideas.

Keep in mind however, for those patients who may be receiving chemo or has had chemo, they may have an aversion to scented candles and they may cause nausea. In other cases, patients may also be allergic to scented candles so it would be prudent to ask before gifting them.

Water Bottle Cover

Hot water bottles are often used to provide comfort to hospice patients. They can be used to soothe pain, or they can help the patient relax to get better sleep. However, these water bottles are not often attractive, so covers make them feel a little more homey and make the patient feel like the setting is a bit less clinical.

If you are crafty, you can make a water bottle cover yourself. If not, you can easily order one from Etsy or a similar site.

Warm, Comfortable Blanket

Hospice patients spend a lot of time resting, and they often feel chills and pain. A warm, comfortable blanket such as a fleece blanket or a crocheted afghan can be a great gift. Your loved one can use the blanket often, and you can feel good knowing that you have provided some measure of comfort, however small.

Contemplative Figure

Meditation and worship can help people who are in hospice care deal with their feelings about death. You may want to consider giving a contemplative figure as a gift. For example, if the person is religious, a picture of Jesus or a crucifix may be appropriate. If not, you can consider something like a Willow Tree figure of a person holding a dove and letting it go.

These images may be soothing to the person and may help them think of death in a way that is more comforting.

Life on Record Account

Life on Record is a service that allows relatives and friends to share special memories and well-wishes. You get a toll-free number, and they call in and leave voice messages. You can then make a recording of these messages on a CD or your computer.

You can regularly play these messages for the hospice patient, which may brighten their day and make them feel a bit better.

Digital Voice Recorder

The patient may also be feeling the need to share some thoughts – perhaps to record memories or thoughts about their own life or to share messages with the people they love. A digital voice recorder gives them the opportunity to share their thoughts when the mood strikes. You can offer to transcribe those thoughts if they wish, or they might want to ask someone else to do it.

family giving gifts to elder in hospice careOther potentially thoughtful gifts include books on death and dying (including memoirs) and just time spent together. Offer to take a walk together (if possible) or just sit and have tea together. Be a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, if needed. Just follow that person’s lead.

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