3 Reasons to Put Your Loved One in Hospice Care

A lot of people avoid hospice care because they feel like it means admitting that there is no more hope. They don’t want to admit that their loved one’s have run out of treatment options and are nearing the end of their lives. But coming to terms with that reality means that they can focus on what’s next, which should be helping their loved one live out the rest of their days as comfortably as possible. That’s what hospice care does.

Your Loved One in Hospice Care

There are many other reasons to consider putting your loved one in hospice care. Here are three:

It Offers a Familiar Environment

The hospital can be a scary place for many people. Even those who recognize the need for the hospital find it a cold and uninviting place. Many people would prefer to be in their own homes for the remaining days of their lives, surrounded by their family and loved ones. Few people would choose to be in a clinical setting surrounded by strangers.

By choosing hospice care in Arizona, you make it possible for your loved one to remain at home or in another familiar environment. Hospice care providers can come to any location you choose, whether it’s your home, a loved one’s home, or care facility that you choose. Your loved one can rest in their own bed, be surrounded by their favorite objects and photos, and enjoy the comforts of home.

Providers Give Personalized Care and Support

In the hospital, nurses and other care providers check a chart and provide medicine on a schedule. They are too busy to respond to individual requests as often as may be needed. However, in hospice care, providers are able to give personalized care and support that are tailored to the individual’s preferences and medical needs.

Adjustments can easily be made to medications, and recommendations can be made for other care measures, such as massage, aromatherapy, and more. Changes can be made as needed, no matter how frequent, to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible.

Family Members Get Support and Counseling, Too

Coming to terms with the end of a life can be hard for everyone. Queen Creek Hospice care providers recognize this, and they also give support to family members and other caregivers of the patient. They offer support just by taking some of the responsibility for care, but they also offer support in the form of individual counseling and support groups. You can meet up with other people who are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, as well, and that can help you process your feelings.

Hospice care also provides grief counseling for family members after a loved one passes. Providers are not focused on just the immediate needs of the patient, the way a hospital team would be, but they are concerned with helping the whole family through the entire process in whatever way they can.

Hospice care near Queen Creek takes a comprehensive approach to ensuring that your loved one is as comfortable as possible and enjoys the highest quality of life possible during the final days of life. Providers also support the family with emotional and financial counseling, and they make references to other resources in the community. By choosing hospice care for your loved one, you are allowing them to die in a family environment, surrounded by loved ones, and with as much dignity as is possible. Do not consider hospice care to be a sign that you are giving up hope – think of it as taking control over what you can in those final days.

Americare Hospice and Palliative Care provides compassionate care for people facing a life-limiting illness, as well as support for their loved ones. Our experienced providers offer care in the home or in a care facility, and we have a facility on site for those who need it. Our state-licensed workers provide comprehensive services for the patient and family, including spiritual and emotional counseling. We strive to make the patient as comfortable as possible, while also helping to ease the burden on the family and to help everyone involved process their feelings about the impending loss. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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