Is the Covid-19 Vaccine Necessary for Hospice Patients?

Covid-19 Vaccine in Hospice Patients: What You Need to Know

The Covid-19 virus continues to be a threat throughout the United States. Though many have taken the vaccine, helping to slow the spread of the virus, there are many who either cannot take the vaccine (such as children) or do not want to take the vaccine. There is also a variant of the virus now that is more contagious and causes more severe symptoms. 

If you have a loved one in Chandler hospice care, you may be concerned about whether they are in danger of getting the virus. After all, you want their last days to be as comfortable and fulfilling as possible – not spent finding another illness. You may wonder whether you should encourage your loved one to get the vaccine, or whether the vaccine might pose risks because of your loved one’s illness.

Nurse vaccinating an elderly woman against covid-19 at Americare Hospice Care

CDC Recommendations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued general guidance for the Covid-19 virus and the vaccine. The CDC has said that the virus poses a serious risk to older populations and those who have serious medical conditions. People in these groups are more likely to have a serious and potentially life-threatening reaction if they contract the virus. 

The CDC has recommended that people in these groups get the Covid-19 vaccine unless they have experienced an allergic reaction in the past to ingredients contained in the vaccine. The CDC provides more extensive information about allergic reactions here, including what kind of symptoms to look out for, how to get care, and what precautions to take with the vaccine. 

Considerations for Terminal Illness

People with serious underlying medical conditions have a lot of questions about whether it is safe for them to take the vaccine. The only way to know for sure if the vaccine is safe for your loved one’s condition is to talk directly with their doctor. Even people with the same illness can respond to it differently, so it is important for a doctor to assess the patient’s needs and challenges to determine if the vaccine could cause any potential harm. 

It is also important to consider all the risks and the goals your loved one has when deciding whether to take the vaccine. For example, if your loved one believes that the vaccine could make them sick, they may decide to skip it in favor of having as much quality time as possible with friends and family. Conversely, if your loved one were to contract the virus, that would also hamper the quality of time (or the length of time) left to spend with family and friends. Your loved one and their support team may decide to employ other safeguards instead, such as requiring all visitors to be vaccinated or to wear masks. Talk with the care team about what measures can be put in place if your loved one cannot be vaccinated or does not feel comfortable getting the vaccine. 

The pandemic continues to pose many challenges, and we are all trying to navigate how to stay safe while also spending time with friends and family, as well as going to work and school. When you have a loved one in hospice care in Chandler, it can be even more challenging. Always work with your loved one’s hospice care team to determine what safeguards to put in place and to weigh your options for health care. That advice will hold true whether you are trying to navigate the pandemic or are weighing concerns about other health risks, such as the flu season. 

Americare Hospice and Palliative Care offers compassionate care for patients throughout the Mesa area during the pandemic and during any kind of health concern. Our professional and comprehensive team will take all measures necessary to keep your loved one safe during the pandemic, as well as to protect and improve their quality of life as much as possible. Our goal is to make our patients’ final days, weeks, or months as happy and comfortable as they can be. We offer a variety of services, including support for families. We are a Catholic hospice provider, but we offer care to people of all faiths. Call us in Mesa today to learn more about our inpatient or in-home hospice care services. 


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