Getting The Answers You Need From Your Hospice Provider During COVID-19

Important Questions You Should Ask Your Arizona Hospice Provider During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do everything, which has also raised a lot of questions. If you have a loved one who is chronically or terminally ill, how do you get them the care they need? Particularly when hospitals are even putting a stop to surgeries and procedures that are not deemed absolutely essential.

Unfortunately, you have no control over when your loved one becomes ill and needs care. But you do have control over the hospice care provider you choose. Here are a few questions you should ask potential hospice providers in the midst of the pandemic:

Professional Hospice Caregiver Practicing COVID-19 Safety Measures In Phoenix, AZ

Are You Making In-Patient Visits?

Some providers offer in-home hospice care, while others only provide it in a hospital or their own in-patient facility. Most providers offer a mix of both, giving patients and their families the opportunity to get the care that best meets the patient’s needs. However, with the quarantine, there may be more limitations than normal.

Ask any potential providers whether they are making in-patient visits or can provide in-home hospice care. If they do not, that means you may be limited in how much you can visit your loved one with restrictions that are in place for visitors.

What Precautions Are You Taking?

While vaccinations have been increasing, there is still great risk of transmitting or becoming infected with the coronavirus. Patients who are terminally or chronically ill are already dealing with other discomfort and pain. They do not need the stress or the discomfort of a serious illness like COVID. It’s important that any hospice care provider you are considering is taking precautions to keep your loved one and your family safe.

Ask specifically about the precautions being taken, including the usage of masks and other personal protective equipment, sanitizing procedures, how they are limiting contacts, and more. Also ask about the staff who have been vaccinated.

How Are You Supporting Non-Physical Needs?

There is a focus on providing the best quality of life possible for hospice care patients, which usually involves physical comfort. However, the end of life also creates many emotional and spiritual crises for both the ill person and their loved ones. Ask any potential Phoenix hospice care providers what they are doing to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of their patients.

Services can include counseling, visits with ministers or other spiritual advisers, worship services, or telephone or video visits with therapists.

What Can I Do To Support My Loved One?

Family members, friends, and other loved ones of terminally ill patients go through a lot, as well. They have their own emotions to process, and they may grapple with some spiritual issues brought on by the impending death of a loved one. They may even be physically challenged or stressed by tending to the needs of their loved one outside of what hospice support offers.

Good hospice care providers in Gilbert will also offer support services for families, including counseling and information about local resources. Always ask about the support that is available for family and other loved ones.

Families face a great deal of stress when they are trying to meet the needs of a terminally ill loved one. Trying to take care of a loved one and managing emotional distress while also dealing with a pandemic is even harder. While the COVID crisis will certainly make things challenging, you can still find a great hospice provider that will offer the exceptional care that your loved one needs while also providing great support services for your entire family.

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